Canada Student Visa- Check for Study Visa Permit, Fees and Requirements

Canada Student Visa- Check for Study Visa Permit, Fees and Requirements

Canada hosts half a million of foreign students providing best education at reasonable fees. The globalized degree comes with post-study work opportunity, good immigration opportunities, and quality lifestyle. Canada is one of the well-known countries among Asian students, especially Indians. The country has become an education hub with plenty of popular universities and colleges in the popular cities including Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver, and Montreal. If you are planning to study in Canada in a vibrant atmosphere, then you would require applying for a Canadian student visa.

Some of the reasons that compel students to study in Canada include:

  • Diversity in culture: The country welcomes prospective people from different parts of the world and gives them liberty to flourish. You can meet and make friends with people from different backgrounds and experience the friendliness around.
  • Student-friendly: Canada is a peaceful country with high literacy rate and promotes students from across the world to come and expand their knowledge.
  • Opportunities: The country offers plenty of opportunities in research, agriculture, technology, science, business, telecommunication, medicine, and many more fields.
  • Top universities: Canada is a house to a few notable universities including University of Alberta, University of Toronto, McGill University, and University of British Columbia, to name a few.
  • High quality of life: The country is safe and has low crime rate. The life is peaceful and students are offered a wide choice of study programs.

In order to experience the above lifestyle, you should prepare and apply for Canada student visa.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For Canada Study Visa?

The student can apply for a Canadian student visa if the following conditions are met:

  • You should accepted by a DLI, which is a Designated Learning Institute.
  • You should get a complete health checkup done and show the proof that you are healthy and have no diseases through a medical certificate.
  • You need to prove through a police certificate that you are a responsible citizen of your country with no criminal record.
  • You need to show you have funding to support the tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses during your education in the country.
  • If you are being accompanied by your family members, their return ticket has to be shown. Also, you need to prove that you will leave your country once your education is completed.

Study Permit for Canada: What Is It?

Besides student visa, you can come across a word study permit. It is basically a document issued by CIC or the Citizen and Immigration of Canada permitting you to spend some time to study in the country. When you have such a permit, you can enrol in a college or university and go ahead studying without any hassle. However, you would also require TRV or temporary resident visa to enter the country for a stipulated time period. So, to study for short term in the country, you would need both the documents.

What Are The Documents Required For Canadian Student Visa Application?

You would require the following documents to apply for a Canadian student visa:

  • Two passport sized photographs along with your important details such as name and date of birth.
  • Completely filled application form for student permit.
  • Original letter from the university or college that you have been accepted as their student.
  • The letter of intention.
  • A valid passport is required as a travel document.
  • Financial documents (bank statements) to support your study program (Proof that you have around 10,000 to 11,000 Canadian dollars to study or live in the country for a year).
  • Slip that you paid 150 Canadian dollars as the study permit fee.
  • In any case you are looking to study in Quebec, you would require Certificate d’acceptation du Québec, which are translation documents in French and English.

In case you are looking for more answers or details, you can check out the official website of the Canadian visa and immigration.

Process To Apply For Canadian Student Visa

Students from foreign countries need to have student authority to study in Canada. It takes four to six weeks to process the visa procedure and get it approved. Following a step by step approach would help you get the visa.

1)Admission application

Once you design the study program and the subject, you need to check which college or universities offer the course. After short-listing the colleges in terns or ranking, fee, structure, and facilities, and education quality, you need to apply. You are supposed to fill in the forms, submit specific documents, and a copy of passport. And then wait for the offer letter.

2) Pay fees

The offer letter comes with a specific tuition fee and related details. You need to make the payment online through international wire transfer and get the receipt that has to be submitted while applying for the Canadian student visa.

3) Buy GIC

GIC is Guaranteed Investment Certificate, which is mandatory for the students to purchase. It can be done through certain banks such as SBI, CIBC bank, Nova Scotia bank, Canada Bank, or ICICI bank. Approximate $10,200 CAD should be paid towards the living expenses, where as $200 CAD has to be paid as administrative bank charges. This amount could vary based on the bank. Once this is done, the student can get $2000 CAD as they enter Canada. The rest of the amount would be paid in monthly installment for the student to manage the living expenses.

4) Medical test

The next step in the Canadian study visa process is to take some medical tests. The Canadian government would appoint you a doctor to examine you and to give you a certificate of your best health. This report will then be sent to the visa office.

5) The final step

Once you get the approval from the Canadian government, you will get the POE or Port of Entry. You would also be give eTA or electronic travel authorization that is linked to your valid passport. When you are travelling from your country to Canada, you would need to carry all these documents with your password. Make sure to keep your financial proof, passport, acceptance letter, and other important documents. Once the CBSA or Canada Border Services Agency approves your documents, you would be given the access to the country.

Language Requirements For Canada Study Visa

Canada is an English speaking country. If you are applying for student visa from a non English speaking country, you need to take English language proficiency test to show that you are well versed with the language. IELTS is the globalized test that many prospects who want to study or work in English speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. The test is recognized by many universities and colleges throughout the world. While majority of the universities ask for IELTS score, there are some of them who accept TOEFL score as well. TOEFL is also English proficiency test similar to IELTS.

Fees For Canada Visa Process

The standard visa fee for the students who are applying student visa of Canada is $150 CAD. It includes certain extensions. If your student visa has expired, and you want to restore it, you would have to pay an additional sum of $200 CAD.

How To Prepare After Arrival In Canada?

When you have the approval, your documents are ready, and you are set to fly to study in Canada, you need to prepare yourself what to do once you land in the country. We have some tips that you may keep in your mind.

  • Make sure you keep a duplicate set of your documents in hand. The set should be carried to wherever you are going. Keep your original documents safe in your bag pack. Those could be asked once you land in Canada for verification purpose.
  • Make sure your packing is done in the most organized way. You should do homework about the city where you are going to stay and a bit of their culture. Pack appropriate clothing and footwear. Do not take any goods that are restricted by the airline company.
  • Keep a note that the international students coming to Canada are not allowed to bring more than $10,000 CAD to the country. If you do so, you may have to face the consequences.
  • Keep around $100 CAD or a little more of cash with you. In case of emergencies, you can always go to the ATM and withdraw the cash.
  • It is a wise decision if you book your airline tickets in advance so that you do not have to pay more from your pocket that happens in case of last minute emergencies.
  • Check how far your college or accommodation from the airport is, and do plan the transportation in advance. It could be a cab or a bus.

Once you are set with the relevant information, you are good to go. Find your course and university, and start preparing to apply for the Canadian student visa.

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