Essential Guide On Mini MBA Course and Is It Worth

Essential Guide On Mini MBA Course and Is It Worth

A lot of people look for ways to improve in their careers and climb the success ladders. One of the many popular ways is to achieve the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree. However, not everyone might have two years of time to complete the course leaving what they are doing at present. This is when mini MBA program can be a helpful option. These programs are designed to provide traditional MBA knowledge to the prospective candidates.

Keep reading this post to know in-depth about mini MBA, how beneficial it is, its pros and cons, and lore more.

What is mini MBA?

A mini MBA is a graduate course that is offered through both colleges and online sources. It is similar to the traditional graduate program that teaches the fundamental MBA subjects, including management, accounting, entrepreneurship, and finance. However, one major difference is that a mini MBA does not offer a degree.

All the MBA programs have a curriculum, and so does a mini MBA has. There are certain basic elements taught to the students enrolled in a mini MBA program. It includes business fundamentals, business models, frameworks, and the things that help in a company’s success. Candidates can use tools such as strategic thinking, solve problems, and improve their thinking capacities. They can even learn functioning in an office and what they can do to make things better. They can work on communication and negotiating skills, improving connections, and expand their knowledge to hold their position in the world of business.

History: McGill University in Canada introduced the first mini MBA program in 1949. In a few years, the number of programs increased in the USA and UK with many universities and organizations offering them to the interested candidates.

What is the value of mini MBA?

Most of the mini MBA programs are designed for less than 100 study hours. Based on the university or college, the program can be highly intensive or a week long session. However, some institutions might offer the course for a duration of a few months in-person or online. The candidate can pick the education medium as per their schedule.

Even when students are choosing a mini MBA course, they are looking up to add value to their careers. Hence, it is essential to find a reputable business school that can provide best education. You can check the type of mini MBA programs offered by the business schools or universities, time period, costs, accreditation, and the course topics.

Why to go for a mini MBA degree?

To determine if mini MBA is ideal for you, you need to check out the programs available in the business schools where you want to get your education from. The programs offered at one school or university could be different from those offered in others. Therefore, it is best to assess by knowing if those suit you, your background, and your requirements. You can check out the websites to get all the details and information.

If you have been looking for a MBA alternative and want to learn new skills, new business strategies, and want to expand your learning horizons in business administration, then a mini MBA course would be useful for you. In addition to this, you need to figure out if you can spend the money and time that is required to get through a mini MBA program. When you are looking only for education and skills, and not for a degree or certification, and you want to do it quick, then a mini MBA course is designed for you.

How much does mini MBA cost?

The fee of mini MBA program varies from one business school to another and also based on the subjects you choose. Typically, it could cost around $500 to $2,000 or a little more. The top notch colleges too offer mini MBA programs at affordable costs so that any person who wants to learn the basics of business administration can do so without worrying about the fees.

Unlike traditional MBA, it could not be so easy to earn a scholarship in case of mini MBA. However, you can talk to the employer and find if there is a chance of any financial assistance. Some colleges may offer grants to some students as well. In a nutshell, a candidate opting for a mini MBA has plenty of reasons to do so. They need not miss their wages by leaving their jobs, they need not have to worry about heft fees, and they need not spend their entire day studying.

The details of the cost are available on the college or university websites along with the time period. You can shortlist the courses and compare their fees, timeline, subjects, and other features. Once you select your options, you can contact the representatives and ask for a grant, a scholarship, or any discount available that can help you in cutting down the costs.

What are the different mini MBA courses available?

Primarily, the mini MBA courses cover plenty of concepts such as business ethics, management, business communication, managerial economics, operations, marketing, finance, strategic management, and entrepreneurship. However, they are not taught in detail and are available as short or brief introduction to the concepts. Also, these subjects do not have any credit and can be learned in 100 hours or less.

Mini MBA programs are available both online and in person. Some of the popular ones available are:

  • Competitive strategy
  • Operations management
  • Corporate finance
  • Advanced business strategy
  • Fundamentals of business strategy
  • Social and human capital management
  • Marketing and communications
  • International business
  • Human resource management
  • Strategy and operations
  • Finance and accounting

In addition to the above mentioned courses, there could be variations in the programs offered by different universities and institutions.

What are the pros and cons of mini MBA?

Here are some advantages and limitations of mini MBA courses explained:


  • Mini MBA programs are cost-effective. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to enrol and learn the fundamentals of business management. In addition to this, you need not lose your current job and the wages or salaries.
  • You may not have to spend months and years to complete the mini MBA course. All you need to invest is a few hours or a few weeks and learn the basics of business management.
  • Mini MBA gives an insight of business management and lets the students understand about the business ideas, business strategies, and related trends. It could be a started course for anyone who needs a boost to get into a business world.
  • Candidates who want to study from a small town and cannot afford to move out of their town due to personal reasons can take up mini MBA and expand their knowledge.


  • Mini MBA cannot be considered as a complete MBA course. Also, it cannot help you achieve a qualification or a degree. The mini MBA is just a course to get you knowledge to help accelerate your career.
  • In depth knowledge of business management is not covered in mini MBA course. So, as students get projects and assignments and practical knowledge in their traditional MBA courses, they may not experience the same in mini MBA programs.
  • Candidates completing their mini MBA course may not be able to flaunt their achievement on their resumes or on their career profiles.

Essential facts about mini MBA

Candidates should know about the important facts related to mini MBA course when they are about to make their choices. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Enhances strategic thinking capacities: Mini MBA course helps to boost your thinking capacities and improves your strategic thinking abilities. In addition to this, it helps you in problem solving and cross functioning based on the skills you have learnt till date.
  2. Improves networking skills: Learning the basics of mini MBA would help you in connecting and communicating with people. Regular communication would also help you in negotiating better, which in turn will expand your networking skills.
  3. Flexible time: The time taken to complete the mini MBA course depends solely on the candidate. If a student can give more time, they can complete in less amount of time. In addition, if a student has only evening hours to study, then they can pick colleges that offer evening education only.
  4. Easy mode: It is the student’s choice to pick up online mini MBA course of a classroom mode of education based on their own requirements and preferences. If a candidate is working and doesn’t get time to move out, then an online education program would suffice the need.
  5. Diploma: A mini MBA course can be regarded as a diploma course, and not a degree program, as it would not fetch a qualification. However, there would be no compromise on the basics of the essential business subjects.

In case you have been planning to learn about business management but could not find a right opportunity, then mini MBA is the right option to go for. There are more benefits than limitations, and you can improve your understanding and help yourself move ahead in your career. Make sure to check the details of the universities and courses, before you pick up the right program for yourself.

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