How to Study Abroad in Australia? Explore the options in Detail

How to Study Abroad in Australia? Explore the options in Detail

Why Australia For Higher Education?

Australia is one of the hottest destination in the world for higher education. It is the third most popular destination among international students when we talk about English speaking countries. Australia draws a lot of students from across the globe. The reasons are abundant which adds to the popularity of Australia as a popular destination. Let’s explore a few of them together and see if Australia fits your criteria: 

What are Top Reasons to Study in Australia?

Quality Education: Australia is known for its world class education. The programmes are knowledge intensive and incorporate all the latest trends and development be in terms of technology and innovation in order to keep up to the highest education standards. Australian universities and colleges strive to devise the programmes in such a manner so that the students are able to apply their knowledge in real time situations and are industry ready. 

Economical: Education in Australia is a lot cheaper as compared to other destinations like UK and US. The cost of living and tuition fee is also less as compared to universities in Uk and US. There are a good number of scholarships offered to international students to help them fund their education. You can also work while you study which will help you offset your living and education expenses.

Plenty of Courses to Choose From: If you plan to study in Australia then you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of courses which are offered by different universities. You can also get yourself enrolled in a vocational course in order to gain some career-centric valuable skills that’ll increase your worth in the market.

Global Recognition: If you fetch a degree from an Australian university, you’ll be enjoying a global recognition from employers and universities. This implies that your degree will be valued by institutions and employers across the globe.

Assurance of Quality Education: In order to ensure high standards of education in Australian universities the Australian government has set up Australian Quality Assurance Framework. The security  of international students is given highest priority and is ensured through the Education Services for Overseas Students framework.

Great Place for Research Students: If you intend to do research then Australia is your destination. There are plenty of opportunities available for research but there’s stiff competition for the same.

Work Options Available: Students are allowed to work upto 20 hours per week while they’re studying. This is a great way for international students to offset their living expenses and also to gain some work experience. 

Support Services: In order to cater to the various needs and requirements of international students, majority of Australian universities have an international student support unit. This team assists the students by listening and answering their questions and by directing the student to whichever service they ask for. 

Hassle Free Visa Formalities: Getting the visa to study abroad is a time consuming and cumbersome procedure. If the visa formalities are complicated and time-taking it makes a country less attractive for international students. Australian government realizes this problem and therefore  in order to maintain its attractiveness as a destination for higher education among international students has simplified its visa procedure. The time taken to process the visa of students as well as the number of documents for proof of identification has been significantly reduced.

What is Cost of Studying in Australia?

Australia is a much cheaper study destination when compared with places like the UK and USA. Here’s how much you need to spend in order to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from Australian university.

Tuition Fee: Australia is one of the most expensive country when it comes to university cost. As the average tuition fee for one academic year is $33000. The tuition fee will also vary depending upon the course and university you choose to study. 

  • Undergraduate Programs and PostGraduate programs:  If you’re planning to pursue your bachelors from Australia then you need to shell out $15000 to $33000 per year. For a masters or doctoral degree the tuition fee will be between $14000 to $37000 each year. 

     Here’s a list of most affordable Australian universities in terms of tuition:

  1. IPAG Business School             
  2. University of New England
  3. University of Wollongong
  4. Victoria University

Cost of Living: In order to cover your accommodation, food and social activities expenses in Australia, you will be required to spend somewhere between $1500 to $2500 every month. There are certain defining factors which will influence your living cost like, lifestyle and the location you choose to live in. 

  • Accommodation Options for International Students: On campus accommodation for students is not much of an option since very small number of students are accommodated in the dormitories. Most of the students seek accommodation in home stays, a rental property or a guest house. These constitute the most common accommodation options for international students. If you opt for home stay with a local family, it’ll cost you around $440 to $1080 a month. If you rent an apartment then it’ll be around $1700 per month. Guest houses prices will be between 320 to 540 AUD per month. You can also choose to live in students hall of residence and the rate starts from 320 and may go upto 1000 AUD per month. 
  • Utilities and Internet Cost: You’ll need to shell out a little more from your pocket to cover your extra expenses,like; Utilities, which will cost you around 200 AUD per month and for the internet pass you would be paying around 70 AUD per month. 
  • Living Cost in Australia: Here’s a list of other activities and the cost that you need to incur per week in Australia:
   Activity  Cost/per week
Groceries and eating out $80 to $280
Gas and Electricity  $35 to $140
Public transport $15 to $55
Entertainment $80 to $150

University Scholarships for International Students in Australia: Here’s a list of scholarships that are offered by leading Australian institutions. 


Top Cities for Education in Australia: Australia is home to more than 40 universities spread across over 100 campuses. Here’s a list of top 10 cities for education in Australia:

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Gold Coast
  • Wollongong 
  • Newcastle
  • Bathurst 

How to apply for programmes in Australia:

In order to study in Australia one needs to apply for both admission to an institution and study visa to the Australian Government.
Here’s a list of steps which you need to follow while applying for programmes in Australia: 

  1. Choose your preferred course and institution
  2. Submission of application
  3. If your application is accepted by the institution,you’ll receive a letter of offer
  4. Receiving your Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment
  5. Apply for your study visa.

How to apply and procure your study visa for Australia:

Here’s a list of steps to follow in order to apply for and procure your study visa:

  1. You need to apply for the study visa using online platform. You can register for the medical test before applying for the visa.
  2. After applying the applicant depending upon his or her situation may be asked to attend an interview, provide police certification or if required more information. Also if you have not taken the medical test before then you have to undergo the medical examination after applying. 
  3. The student may have to provide biometric for extra identification that the countries use for security purposes.

 How much you need to pay to procure the study visa and its validity:

In order to apply for a student visa(subclass 500) for Australia you need to pay 550 AUD. You can pay this fee through online transfer, on location at the visa application centre in India or through a bank transfer. Indian students need not have an health insurance in order to get the Australian student visa.

Documents Required for Visa: 

Here’s a list of documents which you need to furnish while applying for a student visa for Australia:

  1. Proof of funds: This is required in order to ensure that you’ll be able to cover your living costs as well as your tuition fee.
  2. Need to take a medical test before arriving in Australia
  3. Indian students need not set up a Restricted Bank Account

Study Culture in Australia:

The learning culture of Australia promotes and encourages students to work in groups. Plagiarism is not allowed at all and students are encouraged to develop independent thinking. It has a low power distance culture, where students can question the authority and participate in decision-making. More percentage of your grades is allocated on your assignments and essays rather than your exams.

Australia has emerged as one of the most sought after higher education destination in the world. Thanks to its quest of up-to-date knowledge, easy visa formalities, its learning culture and a lot other factors that makes it a hot spot for higher education among international students. We hope this article will help you and take you a step closer to choosing Australia as your higher education destination.

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