How to Study Abroad in New Zealand ? Explore the options in Detail

How to Study Abroad in New Zealand ? Explore the options in Detail

New Zealand is considered as one of the most opted countries for studying abroad. There are a lot of reasons behind it and the foremost reason is its exoticness. It is a country wealthy of unique culture with a blend of natural beauty with infinite opportunities for adventure as well as sports. Above all this, New Zealand is highly appreciated for its top-notch education open to the students situated across the globe. Due to it’s affordable education compared to other countries it has become the hottest destination for students.

Studying in New Zealand is an unexplained experience surrounded by glorious landscapes and coastlines. There is no comparison of its biodiversity comprising of animal, and plant life. However, New Zealand is considered at number 7 in its education system internationally. This is a reflection of its abilities, religious beliefs, income levels as well as thoughts about teaching as well as learning.

Student visa for New Zealand

There are basic criteria for New Zealand’s student visa. In many situations, if you are studying or staying in New Zealand for three months then there is no requirement for a visa. But if you are there for more than three months period then you need to follow the entire procedure for the New Zealand student visa.

To study abroad in New Zealand, you must be eligible along with a confirmation letter from NZQA. Alongside this, the fee of the official course must be paid. Here is the list of documents which is required for a student visa for New Zealand:

  • The details of the official course selected. Plus, the time duration required for the course completion.
  • Proof of the course meets the requirements of the country New Zealand. Also, the course provider’s proof for the same is required.
  • The documentation for pay payments for the course and the documentation about fees is domestic or international fees.
  • Proof of whether the student is studying full-time in New Zealand or part-time.
  • Document related to the fee of the complete course. If your course is more than one year then the documents will involve annual fees.

In most cases, the application process takes longer than expected. You need to also provide a passport with validity of three months preceding the leaving date. Also, the documents are required related to sufficient funds throughout the study. After collecting the documents you can submit them to the New Zealand embassy/consulate.

Cost of living and housing costs

The cost of living and housing in New Zealand can differ as per the city you are about to study or live in. however, the general idea about living and housing costs in New Zealand are:

  • Meal – NZD $20
  • Coffee – NZD $4.50
  • Monthly Rent – NZD $1478
  • Monthly Transport – NZD $150
  • Cinema ticket – NZD $16
  • Other beverages – NZD $8.50

What is the cost of living in New Zealand?

The institution opted to study in New Zealand most of the time to help students to accommodate properly. The arrangements are done prior to the arrival of the students. Here are some of the options which you can choose from:

  • Homestay and private board

This is the option where you can get a room with a New Zealand family. Usually, the house is a suburban with a proper garden. In this condition, meals are offered by the family. The rest of the things which matters is the family should be respected completely. This is the best way to learn about the country and adjust perfectly into a new life.

  • Private renting

This is the most common option opted by most of the foreign students. Renting a flat or apartment with other students is called flatting. This is a tricky option for the new students because the apartments are unfurnished and only have kitchen basics. Many students later go for this option after being friends with other students.

  • Halls of residence/ hostels

This option is generally located around the campus. The atmosphere of halls of residence is very socially active and keeps the students in touch with other international students. The rooms are properly furnished within an option of single or twin. You also get communal dining rooms but in many other institutions, there is also an option for self-catering rooms.

Overall, the cost of living in New Zealand is more than $15000 for the first year. If you are living in New Zealand for less than one year then $1250 each month is required to survive.

Top cities for education in New Zealand

New Zealand is a rich country with incredible people. Its Maori people brings a whole different vibe to the country. Plus, its extraordinary beaches and volcanoes are inspiring and eye-striking. Studying in New Zealand brings proximity to opportunities to explore a different side of the world.

However, New Zealand in itself is a great place with a lot to offer to international students or people. But its education, on the same hand, is top-notch. The best cities to study in New Zealand are listed below:

  • Hamilton
  • Wellington
  • Palmerston North
  • Dunedin
  • Auckland
  • Christchurch

Tuition fees and scholarships for study in New Zealand

There is a certain amount which is to be paid by the student to the universities in New Zealand. As compared to other developed countries, the fee for New Zealand universities is substantially low. This is the most prominent reason behind the rising number of students preferring the country for higher studies.

To go through the complete process and get a student visa, you have to show that you are capable enough to pay the university or school fees during the time span in New Zealand. Moreover, you also need to prove that you can care for yourself during your New Zealand stay. Here are some other methods as well which includes scholarship:

  • If you are granted a visa extension by the government then you can work for 20 hours during weekdays and full time during other days including holidays. Plus, there is a requirement to verify you can live without a job in New Zealand.
  • Any government can permit scholarships and loans from the student’s home country.
  • On the other hand, the New Zealand government even permits scholarships to international students doing undergraduate or postgraduate courses to help them pursue their favorite subject without causing dent in the pocket. However, scholarships are given to only caliber and eligible students.

What is the tuition fees for studying in New Zealand?

The tuition fees for studying in New Zealand varies from city to city and university to university. However, there is an estimate of the fees mentioned below:

  • The fee for the undergraduate courses can cost around NZ $18,000 – $25,000 each year. The fee can differ as per the course selection.
  • The fee for postgraduate courses goes around NZ $40,000 each year.
  • The expenses for textbooks as well as stationary costs around $500 each year.
  • Bus fares cost around $30-$60 every week and photocopy cards cost for $100.
  • On the other hand, accommodation costs can be included in this. It goes for around $100-$200 each week including food.

What are the scholarships that are offered for students?

There are many scholarship programs offered by universities or schools in New Zealand to international students. Most of the scholarship programs include tuition fees, living expenditure which is NZ $491 each week, establishment allowance $3000, traveling expenses from New Zealand to your own country and vice-versa, research thesis expenses, travel insurance.

Here are some of the best-known scholarship programs by some of the New Zealand universities:

  • University of Auckland international student excellence scholarship
  • UC international first-year scholarships
  • University of Otago international research masters scholarships
  • University of Waikato international excellence scholarships
  • Tongarewa scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington

Language and culture

The leading dialect in New Zealand is definitely English. Around 96% of the population speak the English language. However, other languages spoken in New Zealand are Sign language with the percent of 0.51 and Maori language of 3.73%. It is a language of indigenous Maori people. Thus, one can easily interact with people without facing any problem.

Similarly, educational programs or courses are taught generally in English. On the other hand, there are very few programs or special programs that are taught in Sign or Maori language. International students can choose courses in their preferred language. Otherwise, the students have better communication with the university related to language opportunities.

What is the application process for studying in New Zealand?

The application process for studying in New Zealand can be done directly through the schools. Here are some requirements to follow the process:

  • Complete significant application forms. You can either send them through the web but the better way is through post or courier. Also, it is important to understand that you need to add certified translations of grades/diplomas.
  • After being open to a place, the student will get an official letter from the selected institute with all the details of start dates, fees, course details, etc. These are required for the process of visa application.
  • After paying the fees for the selected course, the student will get a confirmation letter. This is also required during the visa application. Thus, one needs to keep it with himself throughout the admission process.
  • If the stay in New Zealand longer than 12-weeks then there is a requirement of a student visa. Therefore, the other process starts like getting in touch with the New Zealand embassy, visa-free agreement with New Zealand by your country, etc.
  • After completing the above steps and being done with travel, you can interact with the university related to the issue of arranging housing and airport pickup.

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