How to Study Abroad in the UK? Explore the options in detail

How to Study Abroad in the UK? Explore the options in detail

United Kingdom: Your Dream Destination For Higher Education!

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for higher education among International Students. It attracts nearly 500,000 students from across the globe each year. World-class education, strong research infrastructure, scholarships are few reasons for this huge influx of students from different parts of the world. Discover why the UK is a magnet for international students seeking higher education. 

Top Reasons Why to Study in the UK

  • World-Class Education: The UK is home to internationally recognised universities. 3 universities of the UK made it to the top 10 universities in the world as per the 2015-16, The World University Rankings. A degree from UK university has global recognition be it from other universities, employers or government bodies. 
  • Quality Education: Universities in UK focus on quality education a lot, which is clearly manifested in its popularity among international students who migrate to UK for higher education. The universities and colleges in UK are routinely assessed and graded with regard to the standard of teaching and research by official organisations in order to ensure that the laid benchmarks are achieved. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) carry out independent audits to ensure the standard and quality of different programmes offered by UK universities and colleges.
    • Great place to live and learn: The United Kingdom is a friendly and peaceful place. You will receive a friendly reception at UK regardless of the culture or religion you belong to. The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. All these countries offer cosmopolitan cities,towns,villages. The multicultural framework and diversity of UK is an opportunity for the international students to share and explore more about themselves and others. 
    • Economical Study Destination: The United Kingdom is a lot cheaper study destination when compared with Australia and United States of America. The tuition fee which you need to pay if you choose to study in UK sit between at least  £2,000 and £3,000 cheaper than Australia and USA. The study visa for UK costs much less than that for USA or Australia. 
    • Healthcare Benefits: If you are planning to study in UK for 6 months or more then you will be able to access healthcare services completely free of charge. Thanks to the National Health Service of UK! Of course you need to pay for the medicines you have been prescribed, but even that will be capped under the National Health Service. So regardless of the price of the medicine you’ll be only asked to pay £8.60 per item.
  • Earn While You Learn: The UK student visa allows the students to work 20 hours per week during school term and full time during vacations. Thus UK provides a great opportunity to its international students to cover the cost of their education by allowing them to work while they study.
  • Develop Excellent Language Skills: The importance of English language can barely be neglected in today’s global market. Studying in UK will provide you with great  opportunity to hone your English language skills which will provide you an edge in the global labor market.
  • Strong Focus on Developing Research Infrastructure: If your aspire to become a research student, then UK is your destination. There’s a strong focus on development of research infrastructure in UK which is exhibited through its contributions global journal articles, citations,etc.
  • Scholarships to Ease Your Financial Burden: Pursuing education in another country is never easy on one’s pocket. The high cost of education is a major deterrent for international students when planning to study in another country. The UK universities have a lot of scholarships to offer to Indian students in order to cover their education expenses and cost of living especially at the postgraduate and research level.

    Here’s a list of scholarships available to Indian students who wish to study in UK:  
  1. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan 2017
  2. Sheffield Hallam University Scholarship for Sport Business Management, UK
  3. Hornby Scholarships 2017 – 18 to Study in UK
  4. University of Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarship 2017 for Indian Students
  5. Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships 2017
  6. Oxford-Indira Gandhi Graduate Scholarship
  7. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships
  8. Inlaks Study Abroad Scholarships
  9. Imperial College India Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships 2017
  10. Goa Education Trust Scholarships 2017 (GET)
  11. University of Sheffield’s Scholarships 2017 for Indian Students
  12. Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland Scholarships for Indian Subcontinent Students
  13. University of Sussex Scholarships 2017 for Indians
  14. Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) Scholarships
  15. University of Southampton Scholarship
  16. Cambridge India Ramanujan Scholarship
  17. Lady Meherbai Tata Scholarships for Women
  18. Chevening Scholarship
  19. Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship (SSS)

 What is the Cost of Living in UK?

  • Undergraduate Programmes: The tuition fee for the undergraduate programmes for the year 2017-18 for the international students started at around £10,000 (US$14,130) for classroom based courses, going up to £38,000. It was even more for top medical undergraduate degree. In England the maximum fee for undergraduate courses for UK/EU student is £ 9250 per annum for the year 2019-20. If you’re planning to study in Whales then the fee can be upto £9000 per annum. It Scotland an undergraduate course fee is around £ 9000 per annum but if you belong to the EU countries then you will be charged less. In Northern Ireland as an EU student you can expect to pay upto £ 4275 per annum.
  • Postgraduate Programmes: For postgraduate level classroom based programmes will be around £ 7392. The fee for masters programmes is set up by individual universities that means it will vary from one university to another. The fee may also change year on year. The cost of postgraduate programmes is cheaper in UK than the undergraduate courses. Also unlike the undergraduate courses the postgraduate programmes aren’t subject to a fee cap. 

For international students from Non-EU countries the fee is higher for undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses. You can expect to pay somewhere between £5000 to £40000 per annum for undergraduate and postgraduate level courses. For competitive and other executive education courses the fee is going to be high end

The cost of living in UK would be around £14000 per annum which will include your rent, groceries,travel and other expenses. If you plan to live in England the cost is going to be even higher. 

Accommodation: First year students mostly live in university halls of residence before they move to rented space in the following years of their education. Self-catered and catered (food is served and price included in the rent) halls are offered by many universities. According to the National Student Accommodation Survey 2017,students spend an average of £125 per week on rent in the United Kingdom which is subject to huge variation depending upon the region you put up. If you are a student living in Northern Ireland then you will be spending £91 per week which is just exactly half what a student living in london has to spend( £182). You need to shell out an additional £70 in order to cover the expenses of utilities and internet. 

What are the Top cities to study in UK?

Here’s a list of top 10 cities to study in the United Kingdom:

  • London
  • Brighton
  • Coventry
  • Edinburgh
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Nottingham
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Manchester
  • Aberdeen

How to apply for Programmes in UK?

Here’s a list of steps which you need to follow while applying for a programme in the UK:

  • Choose the right subject degree
  • Choose the right university/college
  • Take into consideration the tuition fee for the course you wish to apply
  • Check your eligibility for scholarships offered to international students
  • Check the entry requirements,i.e., whether you need to take any language test like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Furnish all the required application documents. 
  • Check the deadlines for admissions for various UK universities
  • Once you receive your acceptance letter, you need to follow a few more steps for studying in the UK, like:

           – Settle your health Insurance

                       – Apply for a UK student visa if you’re coming from outside the EU.

                       – If your visa sticker in your passport states “police registration” then you need to do the same within 7 days of your arrival in the UK.

How to get a UK Student Visa? 

If you’re an Indian student planning to study in a UK university then you’ll need a Tier-4 (general) student visa. Once you receive an acceptance letter from the university immediately start your application for British Tier-4 General student visa. It is advisable to apply 3 months before your university degree programme commences.  

 Main steps to get  student visa: 

  • Apply for Visa on the designated online platform. Also book an appointment at the Visa application centre in India. 
  • You’ll have to attend the visa interview during the application process
  • In order to apply for the Tier-4 (General) student visa you need to pay a fee of 348 GBP.
  • For Indian students there’s no need of health insurance in order to get the British visa.
  • Certain documents needs to be furnished like:
  • Proof of fund
  • Need to take medical tests before arriving in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most favourite destination in the world for higher education among international students. It has the highest student satisfaction rate among the English speaking countries. So are you ready to explore the amazing educational experience that UK offers through its world-class universities ?

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