IELTS for Australia – Check for Score, Validity and Band Requirements

IELTS for Australia – Check for Score, Validity and Band Requirements

A Brief Guide On IELTS For Australia

Australia is known for its robust economy, scenic views, and friendly culture. Also, it is a country most chosen by international students to study and work. Once you spend a few years successfully, you can go ahead and apply for a permanent residency. However, if you are planning to study or work in the country, you need to show your proficiency in the English language as it is the primary communication mode. IELTS is the English proficiency test for people coming from non-English countries.  If you are looking forward to get a permanent residency in the country, you need to take IELTS academic or general training.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is the short form of International English Language Testing System, which is basically a test for checking the fluency of a person in English. It is necessary for finding the proficiency of a non-English student in this language when he/she applies for higher education in English speaking countries.  As English is primary official language in multiple countries, like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK; IELTS is the most trusted examination all over the world. Numerous educational institutions in these countries prefer this testing system for 30 years, where the reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities in English are examined acutely.

Even the governments of these countries use IELTS before processing the immigration applications of students belonging to different foreign countries. It is jointly conducted by British Council, IELTS Australia, IDP Education, and Cambridge Assessment English. Veteran experts in English language are involved in developing this testing system, to examine the skills of non-English speaking people in this language. Hence, IELTS for Australia is important to all students and job seekers applying to several educational and professional organizations in this country.

People can appear for two varieties of IELTS as per their requirements of Visa applications. IELTS Academic is meant for the assessment of English proficiency of students applying for higher education in Australian universities while IELTS General Training is conducted to check the fluency in English needed in commercial organizations and everyday life in Australia.

What is Score Required for Australian PR?

Many people from other countries of the world apply for the status of Australian Permanent Resident (PR). These permanent residents have a permanent visa for staying in Australia but they are not natural citizens of this country. So people need to score a definite number of points for achieving the Australian PR Visa, to migrate to this country for higher education or lucrative jobs.

  • Presently, the total eligibility score for Australian PR is 65 points, which are credited according to certain factors of applicants. Their age, proficiency in English, years of employment outside Australia, highest qualifications, and study requirement in an Australian state are considered for deciding the points while granting Australian PR Visa.
  • If a person can score above 80 points according to this system, he/she will be invited to apply for Australian PR within 1 – 2 months. Thus, IELTS score for Australia is highly important in this regard, as proficiency in English can achieve maximum of 20 points in this system. People achieving 8 or more per band in each of the category of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening in IELTS can expect to score 20 points and their proficiency in English is termed as ‘Superior’.
  • Applicants who earn 7 – 8 per band in each IELTS category is graded as ‘Proficient’ and awarded 10 points for Australian PR. However, people scoring only 6 per band in every IELTS category is termed ‘Competent’ but given no points that can be useful in getting Australian PR Visa.

What is the Validity for IELTS?

Generally, the result of IELTS is currently valid for 3 years, during which period a successful examinee can apply for admission in any educational institution or commercial organization in Australia. Earlier, IELTS was valid only for 2 years, which is extended to 3 years recently. The date of the release of IELTS score is not considered while counting the validity of this scrutinizing testing system. This result is published on Test Taker Portal (TRP) and it is visible there for 28 days on this site.

Examinees need to log in this website to view their results there. IELTS result is also available on the website of British Council. However, the examinee is sent the printed form of this result, called Test Report Form (TRF) after 13 days from the schedule test date to his/her address if he/she has written this test on paper. If someone has appeared for IELTS online, the result will be available on the portal only within 5 – 7 days after the test is conducted and the examinee will also get this result by mail from the test centre.  The validity for IELTS is counted from the scheduled date of this examination and successful examinees can make the best use of IELTS score for Australia PR during this period.

What are the band requirements for Australian PR?

Here are some of the requirements that you need to meet to obtain Australian PR:

  • The candidate preparing for IELTS for Australia should get a good score in the four categories of the test; they are speaking, listening, writing, and reading. The score for each module is given out of 9 bands.
  • In order to get the Australian PR, it is essential to score 6 as the least band in each of the test modules. Only candidates who get 6 or more bands can apply further for the Australian PR.
  • In case you want to make a strong PR case for yourself, you should try to get 7 bands in each of your IELTS module.
  • When you score at least 7 bands in each module, then you would be able to get around 10 additional points. Similarly, if you are able to score at least 9 in every module of IELTS, you would get 20 as additional points.
  • Candidates who score 7 or more are considered as proficient in English, while with 8 or more it is called superior in English.
  • In addition to this, it is essential to get around 65 points in the assessment grid to apply for the permanent residency. Some of the factors that are considered to calculate the overall score include work experience, age, language ability, and educational qualification.

What are the IELTS categories accepted for Australian PR?

Candidates applying for the Australian PR can take IELTS in either of the two modes:

1) IELTS general training

This version is suitable for the candidates who want to work in Australia or other English speaking countries. It is even fit for individuals who are looking forward to apply in Australia for training programs or secondary education too.

2) IELTS academic

This version is meant for the candidates who are primarily planning to land in Australia for professional registration or for higher education program.

Frequently Answered Questions

1) What is the amount required for Australian PR?

The fees of Australian PR is around AUD $4045. In case a family is planning to apply for a PR, say one child and two adults, they would require paying AUD $7080. This amount can be paid through any mode of payment, be it Master card, Visa, or American Express.

2) How many years does a person has to reside in Australia to obtain a PR?

A person is required to spend around 12 months or a year to get the permanent residency of Australia. However, in that period, he or she should not have at least 3 months of absence.

3) Is it possible to get a PR if a candidate marries a citizen of Australia?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a PR of Australia if the applicant marries an Australian citizen. However, first it is applied in the name of a partner visa, which is actually a permanent resident visa.

4) Is it possible to apply for Australia PR without IELTS?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an Australian PR by giving other English proficiency test such as PTE, TOEFL, or any other similar test. If you are unable to crack the best or minimum score in IELTS for Australia, it could be a difficult process to move ahead.

5) How to increase the score for Australian PR?

Some of the tactics to improve the chances of obtaining an Australian PR include – get a state nomination, have work experience, STEM qualification, partner’s skills, and accredited translator to name a few.

6) Are there any countries that give PR without IELTS?

If you do not want to give IELTS or you have a low score, then you may give PTE and apply for countries such as New Zealand. The rules of New Zealand are not so stringent with regards to the PR.

7) Is it difficult to obtain Australia PR?

Basically, it is a system based on points. Once you fit in the requirements, it may not seem to be a hard task.

8) It is possible to immigrate at the age of 60 to Australia?

45 is the maximum age limit if a candidate is planning to emigrate. However, the other ways include marriage or high investment.

9) How easy or difficult it is to get job in the country?

It depends on your educational and professional qualification. More degrees and more years of work experience can make your task easier.

10) Is a sponsor available in Australia?

Yes, a person who is already a citizen of Australia can become a sponsor for the candidate who is looking forward to enter the country for a job.

Keep a note of all these essential aspects related to IELTS for Australia, and start your application and studying process. All the best!

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