Popular Scholarships In USA For International Students

Popular Scholarships In USA For International Students

The USA is undoubtedly a popular and expensive country in terms of higher education. There are thousands of opportunities offered to students to pursue their education and succeed in their career. If a student wants to study in the USA, he or she needs to have sufficient funding. However, there is no need to worry in case they do not have. There are plenty of scholarships in USA available for the students that can help them to continue with their education smoothly. If you are an international student, you can apply for certain scholarships based on your background and score and meet the requirements.

Almost all the colleges and universities in the USA have different kinds of scholarship programs. And among them, most are open to international students. There are different kinds of fellowships, grants, and scholarships that are dependent on the performance and academic ability of the students over the years. If the student has an excellent academic background, it becomes easy to get a reward in terms of a scholarship. In case you are looking for a scholarship to study in the USA, you need to have sufficient knowledge regarding the same. Keep reading this article as we shall give you information on the types of scholarships offered in the USA.

Types of Scholarships in USA:

Here are a few major types of scholarships that you can find in the USA:

1. Financial scholarships:

These are given as per the financial requirement of the student. However, these are basically reserved for the residents of the USA. Nonetheless, some universities may provide it to the international students as well, based on the need.

2. University scholarships:

There are majority of the universities that offer financial aid or help for the international students. You should check your university portal for the same information.

3. Government funded scholarships:

The Government of the United States offer different scholarship programs for the students coming from different corners of the world.

4. Merit based scholarships:

When the students are good in academics, they can get merit scholarships. This kind of scholarships is available for the students who have excelled in entrepreneurial or community work as well.

5. Country based scholarships:

There are certain scholarships like this, provided to the students from specific developing countries.

6. Part scholarships:

There are certain small or one-off scholarships that are offered to the students when they are in need of funds to support their college fees.

7. Privately funded scholarships:

There are some privately owned businesses who offer funds to the students from different countries to pursue their education. They may either minority groups or students from particular study groups.

Popular scholarships offered in the USA

If you are looking for USA scholarships for international students, we have a list of popular ones for you here.

• The American Association of University Women:

It is a fellowship that is specifically for the women from different parts of the world who are looking forward to pursue doctorate or masters in the USA. There are different scholarships ranging from $18,000 to $30,000 based on the subject or degree chosen. It can be applied every year and is offered to the women students for their success.

• The Fulbright Commission:

It is a scholarship provided to students from the UK who are looking forward to go for doctoral and postgraduate studies. Students applying for this scholarship can pick up any subject program. The scholarship amount covers tuition fees and other degree related funding.

• The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship:

It provides a certain number of scholarships for the excellent students coming from specified developing countries for the PG degree. For instance, it covers 50% grant and other 50% can be used from a loan.

• The Next Gen Scholarship:

This scholarship offers around $1,000 to the students who wish to pursue their education in Virginia, Washington, or Maryland. It is available for all the international students. However, the students need to have a GPA of 3.0 or above.

• The Civil Leadership Awards:

It is a full funded scholarship program for the Master’s degree for students who have shown their professional and academic excellence.

• The P.E.O International Peace Scholarship:

It is worth $12,500 for the students from different parts of the world who want to purse graduate program in America.

• Civil Society leadership Awards:

It is funded by nongovernmental association for the students who have a good academic background and want to pursue their Master’s degree.

• Abbey Road Summer Scholarship:

It is a US scholarship of $1,000 for the students of language and arts. However, they also provide $500 as per the summer enrichment funding.

• Preply Scholarship:

It is given to three winners based on a test. It is eligible for students who are aged from 16 to 35 for pursing any domestic or internal study program. The funding is around $2,000 and helps a student to move ahead in their education stream.

• Surfshark Privacy and security scholarship:

This scholarship gives a funding of $2,000 to the students who want to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or high school level education program. However, they need to write an essay and submit it to get selected.

• Humphrey Fellowship program:

It is a program for the professional enrichment of the students who want to study in the USA. The students are chosen based on the commitment in the public service sector or in private. It covers major areas of the expenses.

College bases scholarships

Here are some scholarships in USA that are granted by the colleges of USA. Check them out.

• Amherst college scholarship:

It is a program that gives assistance to the international students. The amount is determined once the student is enrolled in the college. The package will include a gift aid plus self help.

• Berea college scholarship:

It provides 100% funding to the students who have enrolled in the college. It includes tuition, board, feed, and accommodation charges too. Around $1000 is offered to the students every year to give them a boost in education. This scholarship is mainly designed for the international students.

• Dartmouth college scholarship:

It is available for the students who are looking forward to enrol in undergraduate courses. The scholarship also includes a specified amount of travel allowance.

• Concordia college scholarship:

It is about $28000 fund per year for the international students who are looking for full or partial assistance. It is a merit based funding and the amount is given for about four years of education.

• Iowa state university scholarship:

It is a merit based scholarship that is given for the students who score high marks in ACT and SAT exam. The funding is around $2000 to $10,000 and it can be renewed based on the requirements.

• Illinois Wesleyan scholarship:

It is another merit based scholarship that is offered to the students who have an excellent academic record. The funding is around $16,000 to about $30,000 and is renewed for the four year program. Besides this program, students can even avail a President’s scholarship for about two years.

• Oregon university scholarship:

The University provides one million dollar funding every year for the international students who want to pursue graduate or undergraduate level degrees. It offers funding for the tuition fees and can give up to partial or full funding per year on the basis of academic merit and financial requirements.

• Emory College University:

It is a requirement based funding that is available for a particular group of students from different parts of the world. However, the students need to apply and the amount is determined based on their marks or scores.

• East West Center scholarship:

The funding is provided for around two years for students who want to pursue graduate, Master’s or Doctoral program. It is for students who have participated in leadership, residential, or educational programs of the college.

• New York University international scholarship:

It is a funding given for the international students based on their merit.

• Michigan State international scholarship:

The college or university provides different kinds of scholarships and grants for the students to take up any graduate or undergraduate program.

• Colby- Sawyer college scholarship:

The scholarship is given on the basis of merit of the student. It is given as per the academic performance and GPA score of the student. A sum of $15,000 to around $28,000 every year.

• Clark university:

This college offers around $20,000 to around $25,000 for every year to the international candidates based on their educational qualification.

The students who require the educational scholarships in USA should check out the websites of various colleges and check the eligibility criteria and other qualifications. You also need to check out the dates and apply for the relevant scholarships. While you are applying, make sure you are submitting all kinds of your merits including educational, sports, or any other volunteering work. Make sure you have all the details and then wait for the good news.

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