Scholarships for International Students in UK

Scholarships for International Students in UK

There are several renowned universities in the UK, where meritorious students from all countries in the world want to study higher education in various streams. Since the course fees in these universities are quite expensive, many students need scholarships to fund their education. Hence, there are many scholarships for students in UK, which offer great financial help to them. So, all eligible students should be aware of these scholarships so that they can be benefitted from these opportunities of studying in UK universities.

1) Chevening Scholarships

This global scholarship programme is offered by the UK government. It is awarded only to the students with brilliant academic results and leadership qualities. British Embassies of some particular countries select the best students for studying postgraduate courses in the topmost universities of the UK. Thus, more than 1500 Chevening scholarships are given out on every academic year, to eligible students from different foreign countries. These scholarships in UK cover the tuition fees of 1-year Master degree courses, living allowance for 1 person, a return flight ticket to the UK in the Economy class, and some extra expenses while studying here.

2) Commonwealth Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC), to students who want to pursue postgraduate courses or to obtain a PhD degree from a UK university. It is granted only to brilliant students living in any of the Commonwealth countries. The academic performance and social contributions of a student are assessed for awarding this scholarship or fellowship. The entire expense of this scholarship is funded by the Department of International Development of the UK government. This scholarship included the tuition fees and examination fees for the applied courses, return flight tickets to the UK, initial arrival allowance, personal maintenance allowance, and thesis grant for PhD students.

3) Royal Society Grant

The Royal Society in the UK is widely known to offer fellowships in different subjects of science to promising international students. Thus, many scientists of the world have been benefitted due to the fellowships of this famous scientific academy. However, this scholarship is available only for research scholars of any country, to carry on their researches in the field of science.

4) Euraxess UK

This scholarship is granted by the British Council only to students who are doing researches on various important subjects. It is designed to provide financial support to bright international researchers, who want to come to the UK for completing their research works successfully. Thus, it helps them in developing their careers and may also benefit the world by funding their discoveries that will be useful for mankind.

5) UK-China Research Partnership for PhD Studies

This scholarship is jointly given by the government of the UK and China, which allows PhD students to obtain higher education in their chosen fields. They may study either in the universities of the UK or China, enhancing the collaboration between these two countries in the field of education and development. Even supervisors of PhD students in these universities are given allowances as a part of this scholarship programme.

6) Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to study full-time postgraduate courses at Cambridge University. Only students with outstanding results from any country are eligible for this scholarship. It covers the entire cost of studying the postgraduate course in any subject in this world-famous university. Moreover, it funds additional expenses of qualified students while they pursue their higher education here. Hence, it is considered one of the best scholarships for international students in UK.

7) Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship

The University of Edinburgh offers this scholarship to international students for pursuing their PhD research in any subject here. Every year 30 meritorious students receive this scholarship, after proving their eligibility with outstanding results throughout their academic careers. This scholarship is effective in diminishing the huge tuition fees of these selected foreign students to the rate applicable only for graduate students from the UK and other countries of the European Union. However, it does not cover the expenses for the personal maintenance of these students during the tenure of their PhD courses at this university.

8) Clarendon Scholarships

This is a prestigious graduate scholarship programme offered by the University of Oxford. Every year, 140 scholarships are granted from this university to eligible graduate students from any country in the world. The academic results of these students are considered as one of the parameters and their potential in each subject studied in the graduation level is also tested before approving this scholarship. It covers the entire tuition fees of studying in this university, as well as other essential expenses for living in the UK until these selected students complete their courses here.

9) Denys Holland Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the University College, London to all undergraduate students from any country. Since the expense of studying here is too high for many brilliant students, this scholarship aims at easing their financial burden so that they enjoy studying at this university. However, students are considered eligible for this scholarship if they demonstrate excellence in their regular studies and social life. A sum of US$ 12,870 is granted to each student as scholarships in UK for every year of their course duration. Students are free to use this money for paying their tuition fees or to meet other personal expenses.

10) Bristol University Scholarships

The University of Bristol offers five scholarships for international students in UK for studying undergraduate courses in this famous institution. The amount granted in these scholarships is US$ 12,160 for every eligible student from any country. Only the best students are selected for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at this university. This year, students are offered Think Big Undergraduate scholarships and Think Big Postgraduate scholarships for all the courses of this university. These scholarships cover tuition fees ranging between £5000 and £20,000, which is a great relief for many students arriving from different countries.

11) University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded for studying in most of the educational institutions in Sussex. Any meritorious student from a non-European country can apply for this scholarship, to study full-time postgraduate courses in Sussex Schools. It is effective in reducing the tuition fees of these PG courses to 50% and this scholarship is valid only for 1 year since most of these full-time courses have the duration of 1 year. The academic performance and the merit of an international student are judged before awarding this scholarship to eligible foreign students.

12) University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships

The University of West England offers various scholarships for international students in UK, mounting to the worth of £100,000. The Chancellor’s scholarship offered by this university in Bristol is given on the condition that the selected student will have to serve an internship in the Office of International Development or other departments of the government of the UK. The tuition fees for a whole 1 year are waived off for that student so that financial difficulties cannot stop a really brilliant talent.

13) University of Westminster International Scholarships

This university offers scholarships on the full-time Master’s Degree courses of all streams except MBA. Thus, brilliant students from developing countries are eligible to apply for pursuing higher education here. Students from countries having average financial status are also allowed to study undergraduate courses with the help of this scholarship at the University of Westminster. This scholarship covers their tuition fees, accommodation charges, airfares to and from the UK, and other essential expenses while studying here.

14) Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham

This scholarship is offered to students from India, African countries, or other poorer Commonwealth countries, who want to study at this university. 105 scholarships are awarded every year, among which 30 scholarships cover the entire tuition fees while 75 scholarships reduce the tuition fees to 50%. These scholarships help them pursue their postgraduate courses at the University of Nottingham so that they can contribute in the development of their motherlands later.

15) Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships

25 Chancellor’s International scholarships are awarded by the Warwick Graduate School to exceptionally brilliant PhD students from other countries. Every year these scholarships are declared to the selected students of any stream so that they can complete their higher education at Warwick. These overseas students can pay their entire tuition fees and also their maintenance expenses with the help of these scholarships.

Generally, international students from the science, humanities, and social science backgrounds are offered all these scholarships to study courses in the Master’s Degree and PhD level. They can also use these scholarship amounts for buying expensive laboratory equipments essential for their courses. However, these scholarships are awarded only for courses with more than 9 months duration, in the specific universities of the UK. Since it is very expensive to live and study in London or other cities of the UK, these scholarships can lessen the headache of students arriving from different European or non-European countries. Thus, students need to search online for all details of these scholarships and apply for the particular ones that seem to be suitable for them.

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