Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Finland

Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Finland

Finland is a North European country that is known to contain the least population among all countries of the European Union.  This Nordic country is widely acclaimed for very high quality noted in the fields of education, economy, lifestyle, and human development. However, many international students are not well aware of the high standard of studies here, due to the lack of enough publicity of reputed Finnish educational institutions. They should know of all the benefits to study abroad in Finland, to provide a better angle to their careers.

Topmost universities of Europe – University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Turku, Tampere University of Technology, and University of Jyvaskyla rank among the best universities of Europe. According to QS World University Rankings, some universities of Finland are counted among the topmost universities in the world. Thus, international students can join any of these prestigious institutions and be benefitted from the study in Finland.  As per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Helsinki ranked 76th and some other topmost Finnish universities are placed among the top 500 institutions of the world. The University of Oulu and the University of Vaasa are other popular institutes among international students.

Best educational style – The education system of Finland is considered as the best one in the educational map of the world. Finnish universities do not encourage competition among students; rather they are taught to cooperate with each other in all aspects of learning. Thus, this education system is not simply result-oriented and students are not evaluated on the basis of their marks achieved in examinations. The emphasis of Finnish education is on practical lessons so that students can grasp useful things needed for their future careers. Students can learn about various current events along with traditional subjects of the curriculum, which is termed as phenomenon-based teaching procedure. Hence, they can learn multiple topics rather than concentrating on a single one at a time.

Scope of studying in English – International students do not need to learn Finnish or Swedish language for studying in the educational institutions of Finland. All topmost universities of this country offer more than 400 English courses for the convenience of foreign students. The classroom lectures, examinations, books, and even tutorials are delivered in English for these study programs. Moreover, most Finnish citizens can speak English very well even though it is not the official language of this country. In fact, Finland is counted among the topmost English-speaking countries, in terms of its total population that can speak English. However, students coming from non-English speaking countries need to prove their fluency in this language through evaluating examinations, like TOEFL or IELTS, to gain admission to any Finnish university.

Availability of many subjects – The topmost universities of Finland offer study programs in multiple disciplines. Communications, Environmental Science, Biotechnology, Architecture, Information technology, Art and design, Social Sciences, Education, Law, and Humanities are the popular streams offered for international students in these universities. Some universities, like the University of Tampere, offer special courses that teach how to improve human life and provide relief to patients suffering from some terminal illnesses. Thus, meritorious students from other countries apply to study these uncommon subjects under the guidance of experienced faculties here.

Wonderful scenic beauty – Finland is known for beautiful scenery, comprising of thousands of lakes, mountains, ice-covered regions for skiing, thick pine forests, long beaches, 40 national parks, and the characteristic northern polar light called Aurora borealis on the winter sky. The amazing landscape of this country is an added bonus for international students who want to study abroad in Finland. They can explore this region in their free time and may enjoy winter sports during holidays while studying in universities here.

Affordable cost of studies – All Finnish universities offer free tuition to local and European students. However, international students from other countries need to pay tuition fees ranging between 10,000 and 16,000 Euros, which is much cheaper than the education costs in many other universities of the world. If any foreign student enrolls for a study program in Finnish or Swedish language, he/she will be able to study the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course for free here. International students can apply for Doctoral courses for free if they are enrolled as a part of exchange study programs in Finnish institutes.

Cheap living costs – International students do not need to worry about other expenses for living in Finland while pursuing higher education here. The house rents and other living costs depend upon the Finnish city where they have chosen to study. Moreover, foreign students can join the students’ unions of Finnish universities with a nominal annual membership fee, which will help them in getting discounts on several public modes of transport and local restaurants.

Availability of scholarships – Many Finnish universities offer scholarships to meritorious students studying in different streams. International students find great financial help from the scholarships of the University of Helsinki and the University of Oulu. The University of Tampere offers scholarships to international students with outstanding academic results, for studying a Master’s degree course in English. Even the Finnish government offers some scholarships to international students, to provide them some financial help. These scholarships cover 70% to even 100% of their tuition fees and some scholarships also provide money for meeting other living expenses of these students. Hence, it has become financially easier to study abroad in Finland for international students.

Favorable international community – Though the actual population of Finland is quite less, this country holds a relatively large international community of students and working professionals. Thus, new international students find lots of support here and they find a hearty welcome by local people and the international community. This environment is highly encouraging for foreign students and they feel much at home at the company of people from their own countries or neighborhoods.

Friendly local culture – Finnish people are very lively and friendly to foreigners, which can make life more enjoyable for international students arriving in this country for higher studies. The people of Finland are great coffee lovers and thus, lots of cafes are found all over this country. Students can spend their weekends by visiting art galleries, musical concerts, operas, and clubs. Finland has been a pioneer in heavy metal bands, due to love for rock music among common people. The beautiful Scandinavian architecture also mesmerizes foreigners in this country.

A safe environment – Finland is known for the most stable economic condition among all other European countries. Hence, hardly any incident of theft or burglary are reported here. Finnish citizens are so honest that they reportedly return all lost properties to actual owners even if they come across anything. Other crime rates are also so low that Finland is ranked among the top 5 happiest countries in the world. So, international students find it very safe to study in Finland. Due to the favorable eco-friendly living conditions here, they can also lead a healthy and happy life while pursuing their courses in this Land of Thousand Lakes.

Good transport facilities – Finland is well connected to all other European and Asian countries through airways. Finnair, the national carrier of this country offers regular direct flights to different cities of the world from Helsinki Airport. There are train and ferry services from Helsinki to the cities of Russia and Estonia. People also use frequent ferry services to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. All the Finnish cities are connected by highways and 26 airports, making inland travel very easy for people.

Availability of work permits – Many universities of Finland offer career services to international students so that they can get part-time employment and earn money to meet their expenses. The student visas issued to these foreign students allow them to work for 25 hours per week and unlimited hours during vacations, which also help them gain work experience along with their studies. These students can find respectable work in retail stores, restaurants, and offices, with a minimum wage of 7 – 10 Euros per hour. Though these visas are limited to the course durations of students, they can apply for the extension of their visas up to 1 year even after completing their education here. Then they can search for permanent jobs here if they want to continue to stay and work in this country.

Great demand for Finnish certificates – The certificates of degrees issued by different Finnish universities are acknowledged throughout the world. The degrees in vocational training from Finnish universities help students in bagging good jobs anywhere and keep them ahead of others in the competitive job market. Several topmost scientists of the world are known to be former students of the University of Helsinki, some of whom have joined here as faculty.

Chance to relax in world-class saunas – Numerous saunas and the upgraded steaming system can be another reason to study abroad in Finland for international students. There are over 3 million saunas in this country and according to reports; it is the highest number of sauna per capita in the world.  Thus, tired university students can unwind in their nearest saunas for a nominal price.

Therefore, Finland can be the best destination for the higher education of meritorious students from any country in the world.

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