What Can I Do With My Business Degree?

What Can I Do With My Business Degree?

A business management degree serves as an entry pass to a wide array of opportunities. It opens the scope for different kinds of jobs in various sectors including finance, sales, management, organizational leadership, entertainment, and a lot more. A business management course teaches how to apply business concepts in companies and industries. Some of the major concepts of focus are marketing, communications, economics, management, and entrepreneurship. A business degree prepares students to work in different fields, from self employment to start-ups, and organizations to corporate marketing.

Business degree also concentrates on multidisciplinary functions as one course touches various subjects in brief. The principles learned through business management course apply to personal lives as well. And once you have a business degree in hand, you can choose your own destination of work. It could be apparel to consumer goods, real estate to hospitality, food services to production, information technology management to communications. Keep reading the post as we tell you where your business degree can take you.

Top 9 Career Choices with Business Degree

A bachelor’s business degree can fetch you more opportunities in the long learn. Also, it helps you earn more in comparison to the associate business management degree. Some of the fields you can choose to be a part of with your business degree are:

1) Consultancy

Business consultancy can be one of the best business career options as it involves working in a team by using your analytical skills and business expertise. The job profile is not monotonous and lets you face and overcome new challenges every day. You can use your combined knowledge and choose your field of interest, be it logistics or engineering. Management consultants are also called management analysts, and they create a procedure for the well-being of clients. Basically, they become professionals in collecting essential information, categorizing it, and making presentations while solving the customer or client problems.

Consultants can use advanced technology to process information and present it to their clients. Some of the tools they may use are database, spreadsheet, or other applications that are taught in business majors. Once you start working in a consulting company, you can develop your skills in marketing, communication, management, finance, efficiency, and problem solving. Your salary will also be increasing with every year, and as a bonus you may be sent on travel projects too.

2) Financial advising

If you think you have adequate knowledge about different business concepts and you are confident about yourself, then you can plan to choose financial advising as one of the best careers of business major. The role lets you to help companies and organizations view their goals in terms or finance, not just for short term but for a long while and then make strong decisions. You are supposed to listen to their motives and plans, and them show them the right path. As a financial advisor, you need to help them make best decisions regarding taxes, debt management, investment, budgeting, retirement, and more.

The business major course teaches you to analyze the business trends and assess the strengths and weaknesses. A financial advisor is supposed to calculate ratios and metrics, check financial statements, and create recommendations and reports. Some of your business degree subjects such as finance, accounting, mathematics, and economics would help you success in this business career.

3) Accounting

A business degree in accounts can help you become an accountant to help companies maximize profits and minimize costs by saving money. However, it is equally important to adhere to the government regulations. Your management course can help you with the skills and give you financial knowledge to help you make long term decisions. As an accountant, you will be able to communicate business data and represent your company amidst clients, investors, and other third parties. The job of accountant is to providing tax planning and consulting information and conduct audits. Also, it is essential to act as a leader and take the company forward in terms of financial crises.

When working as an accountant, you will be exposed to the behind the scene of a company. You can analyze the past and present to make better decisions for the future. Eventually, you can develop your skills and help the company flourish with your business knowledge and skills.

4) Advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing is one of the major departments of any company, and it has innumerable opportunities for candidates holding business degree in hand. As a manager in this field, your job profile would need skills such as report writing and analysis that you have learned in your business management course. You will be required to come up with innovative marketing strategies, conduct research, maintain relationships with clients, and communicate with designers, printers, copywriters, and come up with the campaign results. Your job as a head of marketing and advertising will be working with designers, writers, and video producers, thereby expanding your skills and be parallel with market trends and technology.

You may choose marketing and advertising as one of the major careers of business majors as you will be focused to promote an idea, a product, or the company to the prospective target audience. Be it any industry, it requires a creative team to present itself in the world. And that’s where your job would be highly regarded.

5) Sales and retail

Sales and retail is beyond cold calling and shelf stacking. When you hold a business degree in this field, you can come across plenty of opportunities in office-based and shop-based roles. There is a sales department in every company and organization; hence you are free to choose a role that you find suitable and interesting. Based on your skill set and degree, you can either take a job as a sales or retail trainee or go ahead with a senior post. With months and years passing by, you can develop more skills on the go.

Some of the industries where there is a high demand of sales and retail management include communication, leisure and hospitality, journalism, media, public relations, risk management, logistics, distributions, banking and auditing, taxes, law, risk management, and a lot more.

6) Entrepreneurship

A business degree can take you beyond limits. Instead of working for a company or organization, you can even come up with your own business idea and be your own boss. Your business management course teaches you to be on ground and be confident to take your idea forward. Consider your previous plans that you had when studying, work on them, research, and become an entrepreneur. Once you are set, you can start operating by yourself, and then bring in creative and qualified people to help you out.

7) Digital marketing

With the internet, the world is advancing to a new podium where everything is online. Digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. It started in 1990s from email marketing and then to 2000s with keyword stuffing. The era of 2000s brought in social medial, where every single thing is updated and presented in its best form to the world. And this area requires creative individuals with a business management degree to use social media strategies and implement them using the search engine algorithm. As a digital marketing manager, your job profile would be to come up with online campaigns and oversee them. However, it requires specialization in different areas that you have learned in your business program.

8) Human resources

The one department that holds various other departments of the company is the human resources. If you have done your majors in human resources, you must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Your job profile would require you to recruit and train the candidates of different departments. You also need to have basic knowledge of business management and operations along with company regulations, employment laws, and up to date information of what is going on with the employees.

9) Investment management

If you have done your majors in finance and investments, then you can help companies meet their investment goals. As an investment manager, you need to build trust and loyalty as the strong pillars as you will be dealing with the wealth of the companies. You need to monitor the company’s portfolio when making transactions with clients or third parties. It is essential to be on your toes as your job profile requires you to interpret the current trends, economic status, and the stock market nuances. The field of investment management would be a challenging atmosphere to be in and you would be rewarded with huge salaries.

The above mentioned are some of the typical and popular areas where a business degree can take you to great heights. Some other less typical job profiles include media management, venture capitalism, business writing, social media management, and nonprofit management. These departments would also fetch you good pay offs. Irrespective of the role you choose, make sure you hold interest in it.

So, what is going to be your next role as a business major?

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