What Is Hospitality Management? – Career Options With it

What Is Hospitality Management? – Career Options With it

The management of hotels, resorts, restaurants, pubs, casinos, bars, airlines, cruises, and travel agencies is broadly termed as hospitality management.  Different kinds of management jobs are available in the hospitality industry, which is a booming sector all over the world except at the times of pandemic. It is also known as hotel management when degree or diploma courses are offered in this career-oriented stream by various educational institutions.

People interested in this career need to possess fluent communication skills and an admirable personality, besides the required academic qualifications. Now, the growth in the hospitality industry has encouraged new entrepreneurs in opening different kinds of commercial establishments in this sector. Hence, more job openings are now available for eligible job seekers in the hospitality sector. Young aspirants need to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate courses in hotel management from reputed institutes, to bag satisfactory jobs with lucrative salaries in this field.

What are different types of course of hospitality management?

Several undergraduate and postgraduate hospitality management courses are offered by the topmost hotel management colleges located at various prime cities in India.

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

    This is an undergraduate course of 3 – 4 years duration after which the degree is offered to a successful student. Different important aspects of the hotel industry are taught during this course. Thus, students can learn the preparation of foods and beverages, corporate finance, housekeeping works, front office management, computer applications, sales and marketing, commercial operations, and pubic relation management. Students from any stream can join this course after passing the 12th-grade examination with good scores from a recognized institute in India. The upper age limit for this course is 22 years, which can be relaxed for students belonging to backward communities.

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)

    This undergraduate course has duration of 4 years. It is the perfect choice of ambitious students who want to make a niche career in this field. This course is usually divided into 8 semesters in most hotel management colleges. Students learn food and beverage service, food productions, housekeeping service, and front office operations while pursuing this course. Moreover, many colleges have made a 20-week industrial training mandatory for achieving this degree certificate, after completing the course curriculum. This vocational course helps successful students in bagging the best jobs in the hospitality sector, due to their professional skills achieved by studying this course.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

    This course is named differently by various educational institutes, like BA in Hospitality Administration, BA in Hotel Management, BA in Tourism Management, BA in Tourism Administration, and BA in Culinary Arts. Several colleges offer such undergraduate courses for helping students in shaping up their careers. The durations and course fees vary from institute to institute, which can be known from the brochures of those colleges.

  • B.Sc. in Hospitality Administration

    This undergraduate course in hotel administration has the duration of 3 years, which can be pursued by students who have passed 12th grade or graduation course. Though the course curriculum differs from college to college for this hotel management course, some basic subjects are common everywhere. Food and beverage service, accommodation operation, food production, and front desk operation are the fundamental subjects of this vital course. Students can join any segment of the hospitality industry after completing this course.

  • BBA in Hospitality and Tourism

    This undergraduate program of 3 years is a stepping stone for students interested in the field of Hospitality Administration. It teaches all aspects of hotel management, including housekeeping and catering services. Moreover, students also learn human resources, marketing, and financial management while pursuing this degree course.

Among postgraduate courses, Master of Hotel Management (MHM), MBA in Hotel Management, Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM), and M.Sc. in Hospitality Administration are the most popular ones. There are also several Diploma courses in Hotel Management, Hospitality Administration, Housekeeping, Travel Management, Aviation Hospitality, and Maritime Catering. The durations of these diploma courses vary from 3 – 6 months and are usually studied as part-time courses by many students.

What are skills required for Hospitality Management?

When a student opts to pursue a course in hotel management, he/she needs to have certain skills for taking up this career in the future. Though there are various types of jobs available in the hospitality sector, some common qualities are desired in all qualified hotel management students. So they should develop the following skills to make fast progress in their careers with hospitality management.

  • Communication skills – All hotel management students should have excellent skills in writing, reading, and speaking English and the local vernacular language. Thus, the communication abilities of students are honed during hotel management courses.
  • Customer interaction – Since customer service is a prime pillar in the hospitality industry, aspiring students should develop relevant skills needed for providing the best customer care. They should be able to take care of customers and make them happy with quality services.
  • Team management – Most hotel management jobs need staff to work in teams. So they should learn to coordinate with other team members, to function as a team rather than working individually. They should be able to work according to the instructions of their team leaders or seniors, as well as support other team members for delivering the best services to customers.
  • Multitasking capability – A hotel management employee may need to handle different types of jobs simultaneously, like cooking, serving, planning, and housekeeping. So hotel management students are taught to multitask in an organized way so that they can keep up with the required speed in this industry.
  • Flexibility in working – In the hotel management sector, there is no definite time of working like other office jobs. So students pursuing hotel management courses should be flexible for working longer hours or at irregular times, unlike the usual desk jobs.
  • Cultural knowledge – Hotel management staff should be accustomed to the cultural practices of customers. So they need to learn about different cultures prevailing in various regions or followed according to several religions.

What are eligibility criteria for Hospitality Management?

The main eligibility criteria for joining undergraduate hospitality courses are as follows –

  • Students should pass the 10+2 level examination in any educational stream and with any subject combination.
  • They should score at least 50% aggregate marks at their 12th-grade board examination from any recognized institute.
  • If anyone is waiting for his/her 12th-grade examination result, he/she can still apply for this course with a satisfactory previous academic record.
  • The upper age limit is determined to be 22 years at some educational institutes while it can be higher in some colleges.
  • Some colleges conduct entrance examinations for admissions in hotel management courses, which include group discussions and aptitude tests.

Similarly, postgraduate courses in hotel management also need applicants to hold a Bachelor’s degree in any stream, with minimum of 50% aggregate marks. They may also need to clear entrance tests, like the Common Admission Test (CAT) or Management Aptitude Test (MAT) for gaining admission for studying these postgraduate hospitality courses.

What are responsibilities that you own with Hospitality Management?

When a person opts for the job of hotel management personnel, he/she should be ready to fulfill certain responsibilities. A hotel manager or other management staff should be responsible for the recruitment and training of other employees for different jobs. He/she is also responsible for supervising and managing these recruited employees. He/she also needs to coordinate with other colleagues of that organization regarding the planning of hotel administration and execution of those plans.  He/she should work with marketing and administration staff, to deliver professional services to customers. Some hotel management employees also need to handle customer queries and their complaints, to satisfy them with the best services. They are also responsible for increasing productivity through efficient operations, by focusing on boosting the company benefits.

What are career opportunities with Hospitality Management?

Different career opportunities are available for students completing hotel management courses.

1) Lodging or Accommodation Manager
2) Catering Manager
3) Food and Beverage Manager
4) Chef, Tourism Manager
5) Event Manager
6) Hotel Manager
7) Restaurant Manager
8) Casino Manager
9) Public House Manager

are the highly paid jobs that are directly linked with a Hotel Management degree or diploma. However, people may also try for job roles, like Customer Service Manager, Retail Manager, Air cabin crew, Tour Manager, HR Officer, and Marketing executive with the help of a degree or diploma in Hotel management.

How much do you earn with Hospitality Management?

A fresher with a diploma in hotel management can expect $180 to $250 (Rs 12000 – 15000) per month while a degree in hotel management can gain a job of monthly salary range $200 to $300(Rs 15000 – 20000) per month. After a few years of experience, a person can easily earn a salary of Rs 20000 – 25000 every month in any job related to the hospitality industry. However, these salaries vary from one organization to another, according to the company norms. Multinational organizations offer higher salary packages to students passing hotel management courses from renowned institutes. Surveys have proved that people can expect more than a 20% salary hike within 10 years of their careers in this industry.

Therefore, hospitality management is a highly lucrative and interesting sector for students who want a different type of career than traditional jobs.

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