Why Study in Berlin? – Top reasons for studying in Berlin

Why Study in Berlin? – Top reasons for studying in Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, which is also a prime seat of higher education worldwide. Many foreign students aspire to study in Berlin, as there are hundreds of educational institutions open for their higher education. It is a large metropolitan area by the River Spree, which is the continental hub of multiple airlines and railways. Berlin is known as a global city that encourages the growth of culture, media, science, and politics. Thus, plenty of people flock to this city from all corners of the earth for various professional or academic purposes. According to the last record, numerous people of foreign origin are registered to be living here, apart from actual German citizens.

Why to study abroad in Berlin?

  • Plenty of educational institutions – There are many universities in Berlin, some of which have achieved ranks among the top 100 universities in the world. Humboldt University (HU), Free University (FU), and Technical University (TU) are counted among the best universities in Europe. Thus, meritorious foreign students are eager to arrive here for their higher studies in different streams. The 4 public research universities and more than 30 private colleges offer Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in various subjects. Students may also join the technical courses offered by different reputed educational institutions of Berlin.
  • Scope of studying in English – Though German is the main official language of this country, the English language is also allowed in most of the universities of Berlin. All the prime public universities allow foreign students to pursue their desired courses in English. So they need not worry about learning German before arriving here for their higher studies. All vocational courses, like MBA, Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, a postgraduate program in international affairs, offer study materials in English for the convenience of students who do not know German. So language is not a bar for foreign students to study in Berlin.
  • Affordable study expenses – Higher education in Berlin is affordable for students of even mediocre financial status.  All public universities offer free tuition to all students of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. courses of all streams. The tuition fees of private colleges in Berlin are also much lower compared to similar educational institutions in other countries of Europe. Moreover, the living cost is much cheaper in Berlin than in many other European cities. Foreign students can easily take small apartments on rent, where the monthly rent amount is within their budget. They also find the expenses for food, daily transports, and other necessities much affordable, without creating too much financial burden on their parents.
  • Many career opportunities after study – Foreign students often want to continue staying in Germany even after completing their studies. So they need to find suitable employment in Berlin after achieving their required degrees. This city is known as the startup capital of Europe, a perfect place of starting a career as tech entrepreneurs. Many multinational companies operate in this industrial hub, creating lucrative jobs for millions of fresh graduates and postgraduates passing from these numerous educational institutions of Berlin. So these students get jobs in various industrial sectors, matching their qualifications. Hence, this city shapes up the careers of many foreign students as per their dreams.
  • Different types of recreational opportunities – Students do not need to get bored of studying all the time, as there are plenty of ways for relaxation in this city. The nightlife in Berlin is very lively, with several bars, pubs, and nightclubs operating all nights. Youngsters enjoy German beer with various local delicacies in the restaurants of Berlin. They can also visit several museums, art galleries, and cultural centers of this city in their free time during weekends and holidays. Moreover, there are many festivals held in this city throughout the year, in which all students can participate and enjoy quality time.
  • Lots of students of the same community – Since students of all countries study in different educational institutions of Berlin, they can find the company of people of their own community here. Moreover, they can easily interact with students from other countries, as everyone knows English quite well. Apart from a large number of international students’ communities, they can also expect to meet other people from their own countries who are staying here for professional reasons. So these students do not feel too lonely in this city even if they are miles away from their homes.

Which of the universities are available for study in Berlin?

  • The Free University (FU) in Berlin is a public research university, which is particularly popular for programs in arts and humanities, social science, and political science.
  •  Humboldt University (HU) is the oldest public research university in Berlin, which now comprises 9 faculties including a medical school.
  • The Technical University (TU) is the first of its kind in this country, where students can pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.
  • Universitat der Kunste is the largest art school in Europe, which has 4 colleges in fine arts, visual arts, media and design, music, architecture, and performing arts.
  • Charite Medical School is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe, which is affiliated to Free University and Humboldt University. It is recently ranked as the best hospital in Europe and ranks fifth all over the world.
  • The Beuth University of Applied Sciences is the second largest institution of this kind in Germany. It is tied up with 20 foreign educational institutions, with which it conducts student exchange programs as a part of global networking.
  • The University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics or HTW Berlin is the largest university that offers 75 programs in computer science, engineering, business studies, and designing.

There are some renowned research institutes where brilliant foreign scholars can research on their chosen subjects and earn acclamation worldwide.

Which of the colleges are available for study in Berlin?

There are several colleges and institutions for higher education in Berlin, where foreign students can study courses of their choice. The Berlin School of Economics and Law is a public educational institution that offers a dual program of 5 years covering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business administration, engineering, law, or public security. Bard College, Berlin International College, Prussian Academy of Arts, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin Mathematical School, ESCP Business School, Tuoro College, European School of Management and Technology, and Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts are some renowned colleges in Berlin. Numerous ambitious students from different countries apply for admission to these colleges. They should get a German student visa and keep other essential documents ready before applying to the colleges of their choice in Berlin.

Main reasons to study in Berlin

  • Best quality higher education – All the educational institutions in Berlin employ highly learned and experienced faculties for teaching their enrolled students. Thus, certificates and diplomas obtained after completing studies here are acknowledged all over the world, due to the quality of education received at these institutions.
  • Huge options of courses – The public universities and private colleges of this city offer a wide variety of courses to students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. So students from all academic streams can study their chosen subjects in these institutions in Berlin. Thus, they have the freedom of choosing courses that will fit their dream careers, permitted schedules, and budgets set for higher education.
  • Availability of scholarships – Meritorious students are offered scholarships by various German universities, which reduce their expense of studying in Berlin. DADD or German Academic Exchange Service offers scholarships to all eligible international students. The Excellence Initiative offers assistance for research in HU, FU, TU, and Charite Medical School to young students coming from any country.
  • Admission in spite of a gap in studies – Usually, many reputed educational institutions do not accept students who have any gap in their entire academic career. However, German universities have a more liberal outlook on this matter. Thus, foreign students can easily gain admissions here even if they have long gaps in between their studies at different levels.
  • Plenty of transport facilities – All parts of this city are well connected by different kinds of public transports, like overground and underground rail systems, trams, buses, and ferries. Foreign students can visit anywhere with just a single ticket, as this ticket is valid for all modes of transport. Moreover, Berlin is connected to other European cities by inter-city bus services. Foreign students can land at the international airports of Berlin via flights conducted by various airlines from all parts of the world.

Therefore, many meritorious students nurture the dream of higher studies in Germany. They feel privileged by getting the opportunity to study abroad in Berlin, which serves as a milestone in their future career. They only need to choose the educational institutions in this city and courses that they want to pursue before applying for admissions there. The student life in Berlin turns to be a great memory for all international students. They are acquainted with different other cultures and they may make use of this experience fruitfully in later life.

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