Why to Study in Ireland and Reasons to Study for International Students

Why to Study in Ireland and Reasons to Study for International Students

Ireland is an island country that is politically divided into the independently governed Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that is a part of the UK.  Dublin is the capital of this country while Cork, Galway, Limerick, Belfast, and Waterford are other important cities in Ireland. The standard of education is very high in this country. There are nine universities, plenty of colleges, schools, and vocational institutes in Ireland. Hence, many ambitious students from other countries want to study in Ireland, to avail of the benefits available here.

What are reasons to Study in Ireland for International Students?

1) English as the main language – English is a global language that is widely spoken all over the world. So many students learn English as their first or second language, even in non-English speaking countries. As English is one of the official languages of Ireland, these international students find it very easy to study their desired courses and communicate with local people in this country. However, these students need to pass evaluating tests, like TOEFL, to gain admission in Irish institutes.  Later, they may learn Irish or other local languages as well.

2) Safe environment – Ireland has achieved a high global ranking in terms of the peaceful environment, low crime rates, and security of common people. It ranks 12th on the Global Peace Index 2020, which signifies it to be one of the safest countries in the world. Moreover, Irish people are very friendly to foreigners and they heartily welcome international students joining any educational institution of this land. Thus, a safe and friendly environment is one of the major reasons to study in Ireland. This country got the 4th rank in the World Happiness Index.

3) Excellent teaching style – Ireland is reputed worldwide to impart the best quality education to students at all levels. More than 5000 study courses are available in numerous Irish educational institutions for international students. Degrees issued by these institutions to successful students are globally recognized due to the high academic quality. So they become eligible to apply for higher education in other universities of the world. Thus, students can expect the best education in all business schools, centres of scientific research in different fields of science, humanities, and arts in Ireland. They become more creative while studying these courses.

4) Various entertainment options – International students find Irish cities very enjoyable, with different types of entertainment here. They experience great nightlife in top-class nightclubs, bars, and pubs in Dublin and other cities of Ireland. They may also participate in various kinds of sports, like football, rugby, golf, handball, hurling, and horse riding. These students can also explore different tourist attractions on their weekends, like the Giant’s Causeway, Mount Stewart, the Cliffs of Moher, Bunratty Castle, and the Rock of Cashel. They may also enjoy Irish music in concerts and may also participate in various entertaining activities in their institute campuses.

5) Different career opportunities – Students can expect jobs in various global companies after completing their higher studies in Ireland. Successful students are offered lucrative jobs in different industrial sectors, like IT, Engineering, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, and Agriculture.  Great job prospects all over the world can be among the top reasons to study in Ireland, as most Irish degrees are held with high reverence in the global job market. The local government of Ireland also offers job opportunities to eligible students by providing them work permits or green cards. Different educational institutions offer internships so that their students can have practical work experience in respective fields.

6) Mixed cultural aspects – Ireland has cultural influences from multiple groups of people living here for ages. Thus, this multi-cultural effect is seen in the literature, music, dance of this country. International students enjoy this cultural diversity in Ireland and they can easily adjust to this Celtic culture of Western Europe. Art lovers enjoy the ancient sculptures and wall carvings of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages at Newgrange and some other sites. They also get the chance to appreciate paintings of several modern Irish artists, as well as the prehistoric fort and tombs dating back to thousands of years.

7) Affordable course fees – Irish government offers scholarships to international students so that they can lessen their financial burden for studying here. These scholarships are given to eligible students who meet the criteria set by different Irish institutes for the admission. Irish universities also offer full or partial scholarships to meritorious students for studying their postgraduate courses, which cover a major part of their tuition fees. Moreover, some private institutions also grant scholarships on various grounds, which enable international students to study in Ireland easily. Scholarships offered by the Dublin Institute of Technology and the National University of Ireland are good examples of financial backing that international students can receive for studying different courses in Irish institutes.

8) Low living expenses – Generally, the living cost is much lower in all cities of Ireland, compared to other European cities. So international students can expect affordable accommodations while pursuing their courses in Irish universities. However, this expense depends on the nature of the chosen location, as house rents are higher in cities than in suburban or rural areas. The nature of lifestyle preferred by students also affects their living costs. Independent apartments are costlier than dormitories or mess systems. However, the average monthly accommodation cost in Ireland ranges between 850 and 1000 Euros for international students, which is lower than in most places in Europe.

9) Easy availability of student visa – International students need to apply for a student visa when they have gained admission in any Irish educational institute. Ireland offers easy visas to citizens of many non-European countries. Thus, it is best to check the requirements needed to apply for a student visa in Ireland, which may vary from one country to another. Since a visa application takes 8 weeks or more time for approval, students should apply immediately after their admission is granted in an Irish institute.  All the required documents, a passport-sized photograph, and the quoted fee for visa application should be submitted for the fast approval of a student visa application. Irish Embassy grants this visa and attaches it to the passport of the applicant.

What are the Top 5 universities of Ireland offering PG courses

  1. Trinity College Dublin (TCD) – Trinity College is a part of the University of Dublin, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I. Thus, the official name of this college is College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin. It is the best educational institution in Ireland. It is located in the centre of Dublin city, just opposite to Irish Houses of Parliament. The campus of this college is very beautiful and spread over 47 acres of land. It comprises three faculties and 25 schools, where undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered in numerous subjects. The Library of Trinity College is famous for housing the largest numbers of books and manuscripts, listing it as one of the reasons to study in Ireland.
  2. University College Dublin (UCD) – This College is run by the National University of Ireland. It is the largest university in this country, employing nearly 1500 academic staff for taking care of 32 thousand students in various streams. Though earlier different faculties were taught in various centres, now the entire university is centralized in Belfield, a suburban area that is 4 Km away from the city centre of Dublin. UCD comprises 6 colleges and 37 associated schools, along with several research centres. These colleges also offer higher study courses to their postgraduate students in their own Graduation Schools. College of Arts and Humanities, College of Business, College of Health and Agricultural Sciences, College of Engineering and Architecture, College of Social Sciences and Law, and College of Science are the six UCD colleges.
  3. National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) – This University is located in Galway city in West Ireland.  Its former name was Queen’s College Galway when it was founded in 1845. Later, it was included in the National University of Ireland in 1908. It has 5 colleges; namely the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies, College of Science, College of Engineering and Informatics, College of Business, Public Policy, and Law, and the College of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences. There are also many research institutes run by this university, in the fields of engineering, data analytic, computer science, human rights, social science, medicine, and marine life. Students of this university enjoy participating in 110 societies and over 50 sports clubs, among which the literary and debating society is the oldest one.
  4. RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences – This is the foremost university in the world where higher studies can be pursued only in medicine and health sciences. It was founded in 1784 and currently, it is the largest medical school in Ireland. It comprises 6 schools that offer undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses to international students. It is the best place for training and practice in surgery. This university has 4 campuses in Dublin and an international student community for students coming from more than 60 countries. Due to its high standard of training in clinical professions, this university is awarded the topmost rank in the world by the Times Higher Impact Ranking in 2020. RCSI degrees are regarded with the highest reverence all over the world. It is also a prominent research centre in human healthcare.
  5. University College Cork (UCC) – This institution is located in Cork city in the southern part of Ireland. It has got the 50th rank among the best educational institutions in Europe known for the international standard of teaching. This 170-year old university has earned the 21st rank in the world by Times Higher Education Impact. More than 200 doctorate students graduate from this university every year. It makes sure that all its students are ‘World Ready and Work Ready’ by the time they complete their courses successfully. The vibrant nature of this city and this university are the top reasons to study in Ireland, for which students from more than 100 countries are enrolled in various streams here. Apart from students, one-third of teachers are also from other countries, making this university a top-graded seat for international students.

There are numerous other independent colleges and institutes of technology in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and other cities of Ireland. The culture and language of this country are similar to that of the UK. So, international students should get an idea of this country from the internet or known people who had earlier studied or worked in Ireland. St. Patrick is the patron of this country and the love of Irish people for music is depicted by the image of a harp on the coins and government documents in Ireland. Therefore, a higher study in Ireland is a dream nurtured by many brilliant students in different countries in the world.

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