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Delivering with Deliveroo as a Student

McDonalds and Deliveroo - I truly am becoming a slave to capitalism. However, ignoring the issues surrounding both companies, I'm enjoying my employed life (see my post on McDonalds if a more traditional student job is your cup of tea).

Deliveroo is something I do in my spare time, usually in the evenings, I don't have to book shifts or anything, just press go online and off I go. I've always enjoyed cycling, and I hate running, so it is a perfect way for me to combine my aim of getting into better shape with making some money - and despite the news articles saying that the pay is horrendous, I've found the opposite. Of course, some orders are crazy, £2.90 for 3.5 miles up hills and across cobbled streets? no thanks. But you get to choose which orders you take, and which ones you reject, so I often find myself only doing short 5-10 minute drop offs for anywhere between £2.90 and £5, making above minimum wage pretty comfortably each evening. The issues start if you do it outside of the busy times (dinner and lunch in Edinburgh) as you'll likely be sitting around for hours with barely any orders, relying on tips to reach minimum wage, if you even get to that.

As a student and an employee at McDonalds I thankfully dont need to rely on this as my full time job, and it has worked out pretty well for me, so I'll pop up a list on how to become and succeed as a deliveroo cyclist to try to help some others make money delivering the nations favourite foods.

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